Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro 2011 - Realengo - murder in school

It is with great sadness that I write these lines outburst. We are outraged by the moral squalor and lack of humanity that haunts this was so. Today we woke up with a news about a terrifying psychopath who enters a public school, who had previously attended, and shoots several children. Killing 10 and wounding dozens of them.

When a boy, and psychopathic misfit, comes into a school and target children, we wonder how far a person can reach with his wickedness. Children who have a future now had their lives snuffed out. A social misfit who destroyed families, causing wounds whose emotional and spiritual scars not be deleted.
What we can judge about this era of evil?
The burden that these families torn carry throughout their lives is immeasurable. The pain of losing loved ones in tragedies of this magnitude affects even those who are far away.
It is a feeling of dismay and a sense of emptiness, of not being able to take revenge on the perpetrator because he killed him, stealing the right to an adequate response by this egregious act.
If this is the final phase of an era that still lack a few months to finish, I wonder: what will still happen until the end of the cycle?

Memories of similar tragedies:
- 1999, Columbine
- 2007, University of Virginia

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