Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gravity - there is no attraction: we are pushed on Earth!!

There may be a long lost secret meaning to the Yin and Yang symbolism which could explain the hidden forces of the Universe.
This ancient secret may reveal that the force of gravity, generally thought to be an attractive force, results from Yin: a concentric movement of an interplanetary, invisible, subatomic substance that forces all objects in its path toward the center of planetary bodies. Its opposite component, a complementary repulsive force, can be described as Yang. Yang results in the explosions of stars, as in the case of supernovas, and serves to balance Yin.
This Yin and Yang equilibrium categorizes all existing forces into two basic movements of a fractal universe and can be visualized as an infinite dance in which intelligent life forms thrives abundantly. Indeed, in this new concept of the universe, the speed of light is part of an infinite continuum of speeds and this allows intelligent beings to travel throughout the universe at a much faster rate of speed.
This Yin and Yang concept gives support to the idea of controlled panspermia, thereby, making life a very common occurrence in the Universe.

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