Friday, April 29, 2011

Our message of hope to December 21, 2012. How to survive?

Some people questioned us about the end of the world and how to survive, so we leave this arguments about this subject.
We do not possess the absolute truth, only we keep to the facts.
Certainly most of us have heard that the world would end with the millennium.

It's not different now.

In fact, the Mayan precisely knew about the closing of the precessional cycle, which is the same compared with the rotation of the earth or its movement around the sun.
The precession is the change the axis of rotation of the earth, corresponding to the variation in relation to the ecliptic equator. This cycle takes 25,770 years to complete.

Actually the Mayans did not predict the end of the world, but the conclusion of this precessional cycle.

In fact we have seen many significant changes in our planet, particularly with respect to the exponential increase of natural disasters.
However, this does not mean a cause regarding the prediction of the Mayan calendar, but before a consequence of our neglect to our own planet.
So today, many companies, nongovernmental organizations, governments and people around the world talk about sustainability.
Not by chance the world correlate the closing of the counting of the Mayan calendar with the world end. It's improbably too that the world will end by our own wrong attitudes.

No! The world will not come to an end through our hands!
We do not have this power. Maybe we can destroy ourselves.

We belong to the planet as the planet belongs to the universe.
Perhaps we can say that God is the creator of the universe, so He and only him, through his mastery of the universe, could determine the end of the planet. In other words less religious and more scientific, the world will be extinct sometime in the future with the advent of some cataclysmic cosmic event.

The most likely causes are:

  • The collision with another planet, so the concern about Planet X officially discarded by NASA but that still hangs in the Dark. The fall of a large asteroid probably would extinguish life on Earth, but not sufficiently to damaging the planet.
  • A black hole on a collision course with the earth could suck the planet, it's a possibility.
  • Change of our sun into a red giant star, burning not only the earth planet but all or most of their own solar system.
  • Other forms exist, but has less chance to destroy the planet itself.
However, through our own harmful actions to the earth, may conduct our own existence to the extinction. This is a fact that we can not deny the possibility.

Anyway it is up to us to change the course of extinction we have followed. We need to change, as long we have the opportunity.

Don't wait until 2012. We need to change now! Don't let 2013 be the year of awakening.
The civilizations in history only survived helping each other.

Know that the present is called that way because after all it is a God present!

So we receive this present and we'll make good use if we share with each other.

This is the best way to survive! :)

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