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Sequence of the Mayan prophecies - the fifth

Fifth Prophecy

The Mayan time is circular steps forward and backward simultaneously, never ends. It is formed by circles that have always existed, that continue to exist forever. It is the breath of Hunab-Ku, the breath of God. We also have these cycles internally to allow the transformation of our mind and the evolution of our civilization in the sense of harmony. At this point we look at some systems that will transform to move from fear to love. And the way that we develop in this transition.

The 1st Prophecy shows the universe as a process of eternal cycles with different scales. In galactic level cycles of 26,000 years. On a personal level, with lifetimes of 70 years, who are experienced in these larger circles inscribed. The 1st prophecy announcing the end of this cycle. From 1999 to 2012, each man will be in the Hall of Mirrors "to find their inner selves to its multidimensional nature, her light body.

The fifth prophecy says that all systems based in fear under which our civilization is founded will become simultaneously with the planet and the human being, giving rise to a new reality in harmony.

The human is convinced that the universe exists only for him, that humanity is only an expression of intelligent life and so act as predator of all that exists.

The systems that fail to humans face up to yourself to see the need to reorganize the company and continue the path of evolution that will lead to better understanding the Creation.

Almost all economies in the world then having problems, financial speculation and the government rescue money to banks that are on the verge of bankruptcy, make it more difficult this whole process.

Then there are high-risk situations in the economic system and control system information and if we add the increase in atcividade the sun that can cause irreparable damage to satellites, the situation is complicated.

With solar flares, we received an unusual dose of ultraviolet rays which expands the upper atmosphere by reducing the pressure that exists on the satellites are at low altitudes. This will cause it to decrease its orbit to another much more quickly and thus lose the contact time with them - at best - and will stop all communication satellite on the planet, can also happen that the 19,000 objects in orbit passing land to receive the high dose of electromagnetism have sun damaged and electronic components to stop working forever.

In allocating to the ionosphere, the issue of sunlight, to produce changes in all radio communications and television, why is this layer that is transmitted and reflected the different frequencies.

Therefore, economy and communication systems are fragile and interconnected with all others. The grid is particularly sensitive to solar flares, as occurred during the entire 9 am Kebeque in 1989.

The electricity system is the backbone of our contemporary societies, if one fails, will fail one after another like dominoes knocking consecutively all systems. They say that a system is only as strong as the weakest of its components or links.

Imagine how our society would react to all these events simultaneously. The food would be scarce, communications would be impossible, the traffic would go crazy in all cities, the economy would be paralyzed, but most of us would lose its mind and would start a civil unrest that the number of people involved would exceed expectations and civil control government and military. This state of total disarray forever alter all systems of the Company.

The religious systems based on a God who instills fear also kick in crisis. Would emerge a single spiritual path common to all mankind that will end with all the boundaries between the different ways of seeing God.

The new galactic day is announced by all religions and cults as a season of light, peace and harmony for all mankind. It is clear then that everything that does not produce this result should disappear or transform themselves. The new age of enlightenment can not take a humanity-based economy and military power and imposition by force of truth.

Source: The Ancient Maya Codices

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