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Sequence of the Mayan prophecies - the first

1st Prophecy

The first prophecy says that our world of hate, materialism, and fear, will end on Saturday, December 22 of year 2012. On this day, humanity will choose to disappear as thinking species that threatens to destroy the planet or to develop harmonious integration with the entire universe, understanding that we are part of this whole, and that we can exist in a New Era of light.

The first prophecy says that from 1999 we would have only 13 years to make changes in consciousness and attitude necessary to deviate from our path of destruction, and move to a new reality where life is integrated with all that exists.

The Maya knew that our Sun is a living creature that breathes and from time to time sync with the huge body of which is part when receiving a beam from the center of the galaxy. This beam of light at resonance with the Sun, on its surface produces what scientists call the solar flares and magnetic fields. The Mayans predicted that this happens in cycles of 5,125 years and that the Earth would be affected by changes in the sun by a shift of its axis of rotation and expected from this movement will lead to dramatic cataclysms.

To the Maya, the universal processes, like the 'breathing' of the galaxy, are cyclical and never ending. What changes is the consciousness of man that passes through them always in a process of improvement. Mankind must be prepared to cross this 'portal' provided by the Mayan Civilization actul that will transform into a civilization with a higher vibratory frequency. Only on an individual can walk through the door that avoids the great cataclysm that will suffer the planet, to start a New Age and a "sixth cycle" of the Sun

The Mayan assured that their civilization was the fifth sunlit. The fifth great solar cycle. Before, were known to have existed on the earth four other civilizations that were destroyed by natural disasters. They believed that each civilization is only part of the collective consciousness.

To the Maya, the last cataclysm, civilization was destroyed by a great flood (the flood that the Bible speaks), leaving few survivors who would be his descendants. They thought that, knowing the end of these cycles, many humans prepare themselves for what was coming, and that, thanks to this, had to get on the planet to keep thinking species: man. We are told that the temporal changes will allow us to ascend to a new stage consciousness, directing us to a new civilization that will manifest more harmonious, more living according to their true condition.

The first prophecy tells us the "time-of-no-time." A period of 20 years, which they called Katum - the last twenty years of this great solar cycle of 5125 years. From 1992 to 2012, prophesied the Maya, that during this time spots and solar flares, more intense, appear in the sun. Since 1992 that mankind would enter into a final period of great learning, of great change. That our own conduct of the planet's degradation and contamination contribute to these changes happen. The first prophecy said that these changes will happen for us to understand the mechanics of the universe, and move towards higher levels, leaving behind the materialism, the pain and suffering.

The Mayan sacred book - Chilam Balam - says that at the end of the last Katun, cities will be destroyed and there will be a period of darkness, but soon the harvest will come in the future - the men of the sun, the earth will awake to the north and west . They said the words of his priests would be heard by all, as a guide to enlightenment. They speak of this season, as the time when mankind will enter the Great Hall of Mirrors. A time of change, to confront the man himself, and review and analyze their behavior with you and the whole. A time for all mankind, by conscious decision, change and eliminate fear and lack of respect in all relationships.

Source: The Ancient Maya Codices

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