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Sequence of the Mayan prophecies - the fourth

Fourth Prophecy

The fourth prophecy says that global warming caused by anti-ecological behavior of human beings and by an increased activity of the sun, cause the melting of polar ice sheets. If the sun to increase their activity levels above normal will be a major production of solar winds, the most massive eruptions from the sun's corona, an increase in irradiation and an increase in temperature of the planet.

The Maya were based on the spin of the planet Venus 584 days to make its solar calculations. Venus is a planet easily seen in the sky because its orbit is between Earth and sun.

They left recorded in his "Codex drede" that every 117 spins of Venus, marked every time the planet appears in the same spot in the sky, the sun suffers great changes and great spot or rash appears the solar wind, warned that each kines 1,872,000, or 5,125 years, are produced even greater changes and that this occurs when the human being must be aware, is the harbinger of destruction and change.

In the "Codex drede" also include the number 1,366,560 kines which has a difference of a katun (20 years) and a number that appears in the Temple of the Cross.

In the Temple of the Cross in Palenque, is carved the number 1,359,540 kines, the difference he has noted in the "Codex drede" is 20 years or a katun is a period of time that they called "Time of the non- time "and that is what we are living since 1992. The changes in activity of the sun will be higher since the protections that we have across the globe are getting weaker.

The electromagnetic shield that protects us and we (the layer of ozone) is decreasing in its intensity. The production of ozone in the ionosphere that prevented the arrival of ultraviolet rays fell to earth and some huge holes have appeared over the poles allowing the arrival of the sun's rays on the surface of the planet.

The activity of human beings are altering the composition of the atmosphere. The so-called "greenhouse effect" that prevents the output of heat and temperature increases. All phenomena occur simultaneously to produce changes in climate and an increase in temperature and sea ice melt faster in the polar caps. This will cause sea levels rise producing floods on coastal land, morphological modification of the continents where we live.

The Mayans predicted that this would be how the planet's wipe and have many green areas by all parties, the temperature increase has already begun, scientific reports from various sources confirm studies OAS University of Colorado concluded that glaciers and snowy peaks around the world are shrinking their volume significantly as a result of the overall increase in global temperatures.

The biggest snowy peak in Africa, Mount Kenya has lost 92% of its mass, the snowy peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro were reduced by 73% in Spain in 1980 there were 27 peaks, this number was reduced to 13. In the European Alps and the Caucasus in Russia declined by 50%. In New Zealand and the mountains between Russia and China were down 26%, preliminary calculations of the studies say that if changes continue at that pace in 50 years there will be peaks anywhere in the world.

In Antarctica the situation is even worse, the peak is melting from the center and not from the edges. It is known that when a frozen lake begins to melt it always does from its center. The temperature in Antarctica has increased 2.5 ° C over the past 25 years and is showing vegetation in places where before there was nothing more than ice.

Over 50% of world population lives near the sea, so millions of people will be affected and displaced from their homes. 1998 set records for high temperatures, which were among the highest in the last 600 years. However an increase in temperature as this has been happening does not change quickly water levels around the planet, a process that will take several years. The only thing that could change them would be a sudden change in position of the crust on your core. That has happened several times on the planet to change the position of the poles. We know that many things we do not want to happen and causing great tragedies, eventually going on.

We must focus on producing positive results of our actions and at the same time grow with the difficulties we encounter. We must take life and make decisions consciously, we must open our eyes to the possibilities that can bring us and the world in which all blame others for what happens.

All the prophecies seek a change in the human mind, because the universe is generating all these processes so that humanity can expand through the galaxy including its fundamental integrity with everything that exists.

Source: The Ancient Maya Codices

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