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Sequence of the Mayan prophecies - the second

Second Prophecy

The second Mayan prophecy announced that the behavior of all humanity would change quickly, from the eclipse of the sun on August 11, 1999. That day, we saw a ring of fire is silhouetted against the sky. An eclipse was unprecedented in history, the alignment of cosmic cross, with the center on Earth, nearly all the planets of the solar system. They were positioned in the four signs of the zodiac, the signs are that the four evangelists. The four guardians of the throne who play the Apocalypse according to St. John Moreover, the Moon's shadow cast on Earth, through Europe, passing through Kosovo, then the Middle East, Iran, Iraq, and later went Pakistan and India. With its shadow it seemed to provide an area of ​​wars and conflicts.

The Mayans claimed that from this eclipse, the man easily lose control of his emotions, or reach your inner peace and tolerance while avoiding conflicts. Thus, we live an era of change, which is the ante-room of a New Era The night is darkest before the dawn. The end of time is a time of great learning and conflict, war, separation and collective madness, which in turn generates, processes of destruction and suffering for the selective evolution.

The second prophecy indicates that the energy that we receive from the galactic center will increase and accelerate the vibration in the entire universe to lead you to greater perfection. This will produce physical changes in the sun, Earth, and psychological changes in humans by altering their behavior and their way of thinking and feeling. Will be transformed relationships and forms of communication, economic systems, social order and justice. Will be changed religious beliefs and values ​​that we accept today. The human will to confront their fears and anxieties, to solve them, and thus can synchronize with the rhythms of the planet and the universe. The humanity will realize its downside and the consequences of their actions. This is the first step towards unification and transformation that leads to the necessity of staying in the well and inner peace.

Are incremented events that separate us, but those that unite us. The emotional instability, fear, aggression, hatred, families in dissolution, the fighting for ideology, religion, nationalism or models of morality. Simultaneously, more people will find peace, and learn to control their emotions. There will be more respect, more tolerance and understanding, more compassion, love and feelings of unity. There will be men with the highest level of evolution. People with sensitivity and intuitive powers to salvation. But also appear frauds (false Christs and false prophets), who will claim only a profit at the expense of economic despair of others.

The Mayans predicted that in 1999 was the start time of no time. A stage of rapid change needed to renew the geological processes, social and human. At the end of the cycle, each to be your own judge. When humans enter the Great Hall of Mirrors to examine its trajectory, it is classified by the qualities that has managed to develop over the course of eternity, their behavior with himself and his fellows, with the planet, with the All. "To each according to his actions."

There will be many difficult moments but keep the serenity and harmony in an understanding of what will succeed, while others reveal fear and frustration, blaming God for what will happen, because death and suffering reign. But all this also result in greater solidarity and respect for the other, unity with the planet and the cosmos. This means that the 'sky' and 'hell' are manifesting themselves simultaneously, and that every human being will accept or reject it according to their beliefs. Some other more wisdom will reveal more ignorance. At the time of changing times all options are available and virtually no censorship of any kind, moral values ​​are looser than ever, so that each one is as manifest freely.

The second prophecy states that if the majority of mankind it transcends its limitations, tuning in with the new energies, many drastic changes that are described in the following predictions can be reversed. Human beings always decided his own fate by their free will. The prophecies are just warnings that we are aware of the need to change the course of our wrong choices that avoid becoming reality.

Source: The Ancient Maya Codices

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