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Sequence of the Mayan prophecies - the third

Third Prophecy

The third prophecy says that a heat wave increases the temperature of the earth causing climate changes, geological and social magnitude unprecedented and astonishing speed.

The Mayans said that the warming will occur by several factors. Some of the human being for his lack of sync with nature can only produce processes of self-destruction. Other factors are generated by the sun, which to accelerate its business by increasing its vibration, producing more radiation warming the planet.

Each one of us, one way or another, helped deforest the planet or contaminate it. With our cars, with our excessive consumption leads to more exploration to the planet's natural resources and producing waste of all kinds. Thus contributed to the climate turns against us. The changes are already happening, but as they are happening too slowly to adapt to them and not realize it.

The overall process of industrialization that took place in the twentieth century dramatically changed the atmosphere with emissions of toxic gases. The so-called acid rain, a byproduct of burning coal or petroleum products and emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulfides of industries takes place in the world and is concentrated in urban areas, corrode the monuments and bridges, destroying the exterior paint, the woods, give cause to marine life and cultivated soils, turns toxic in drinking water and reduces visibility. The chimneys of factories polluting millions indifferent to the harm they cause, changed the rainy seasons, the seasons and weather.

All this resulted in the emergence of the 'Greenhouse Effect' and the "Global Warming" because the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere that is floating dioxides chemically reacts with increasing temperature. The air is filled with particles of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and methane, a product resulting from the combustion of gasoline in the engine of millions of cars and thousands of thermal and electricity generation worldwide.

The degradation of forests and farmland to forests or to enlarge the cities became a common practice. The forests that purify the air by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, are burned. The human being is not conscious of the evil that is causing the planet, nor does it take to restore the plant vegetation that consumes. The planet has become a big garbage dump. We send containers of radioactive waste to the seabed, with whole ships carry non-degradable substances, not to mention the oil spills caused by oil spillage of large tankers whose accidents occur regularly.

Climate variations, a consequence of damaging human relationships and behavior changes of the sun, producing a change in rainfall, reducing their intensity, quantity and regularity. The increase in temperature will produce strong winds, hurricanes and typhoons.

Hurricanes are huge storms and violent whirlwind of destruction and death. HURRICANE are called to honor the god of evil of the aborigines in the Caribbean. Hurricane Mithi and phenomena associated with El Niño are evidence of the tendency for major disasters caused by climate.

The water system is critical because about 70% of the planet's surface is covered by water. With increasing temperature, decreases the relative humidity which will consequently fewer clouds and greater exposure to the sun, thereby exacerbating the problem, so will evaporate water from the soil, producing many large fires and droughts across the planet, miss water will produce significant inconvenience to the vegetation, reducing their growth and significantly reducing the size of crops. By reducing the amount of rainwater will also decrease the flow from the ponds and lakes, creating serious problems for the fauna of the earth.

All this will cause a strong impact on the economy, there will be shortages and many products that depend on the weather as water, foliage, cereals, fish and power generation will increase dizzying price, rationing will be times of great social unrest and there will increase the number of pests, insects and tropical diseases like malaria.

The human behavior is crucial to support the general increase in temperature caused by its own conduct and depredatory unconscious.

The Mayans knew of global warming and consequent disasters that happen - forcing humans to tune with the Creator, with himself and with nature or have to face the chaos, destruction and death that would follow.

The Mayan culture was an eminent astronomer. Designed the human being as a projection of energy. They left us their schedules more accurate studies of all the civilizations of Earth, which are the basis of their prophecies.

Source: The Ancient Maya Codices

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