Sunday, April 24, 2011

Skeptics also believe in the end of the world?

I am not among those who believe in an end of the world cliche. One end of the world we usually watch the best and also worst, Hollywood movies. You know that thing from falling meteors, volcanoes nervous breathing fire, acid rain melting the roofs of cars, the earth opening up and tidal waves consuming whole cities? In one of them is left up to the poor Christ the Redeemer. 2012 saw the film?

Frankly, I am very skeptical to this kind of belief, almost biblical. But then what about the weather phenomena that ultimately form part of our daily lives? Well, unfortunately in this case it is possible to believe in an end of the world.

Since childhood, when it came to Russia, Norway, Switzerland and other countries in the extreme north of the planet, the image that came to mind was that of landscapes tinged with white snow and super people bundled up in the language Gaudi: "fill in Clothes. "For what we think now, the planet we live on and his future last week when we can follow the television news people sitting in the squares of Moscow, fanning the heat, clad only in shorts and t-shirts? It's scary. Ever wonder how is our summer?

Important to remember that it is not all. We have already beaten the warnings of melting glaciers, (where the logo design of the polar ice caps will be a thing of Atlas outdated), sea level rise, the water running out, not to mention the forests, and the population growing exponentially, decade by decade and her consumption cluttered.

Believing that the end of the world happens immediately with the concurrence of events is more devastating to my head but thinking that we are destroying our planet, slowly just like a cancer can cause a human body, this is already much more reasonable. Even for the most skeptical. So, I do not mean anything, but ... The world is ending!

by Joelson Cardoso

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