Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We are guinea pigs?

Sometimes I wonder about why we see so many UFOs lately.
I do not think that is hostile. Since the technology that seem to have, if they wished they could soon overwhelm us. And they could have done it long ago.
I think there's a reason more and more scientific.
Maybe they're following our historical path and if by chance we get out of line too, maybe one or contact us direct intervention takes place.
Are we observed as we were lab animals.
Is this world a huge laboratory for a more advanced civilization?
Why some people are abducted?
For accompanying the specimens? How are you developing?
So how do statistics with cultures of bacteria and other animals, guinea pigs can be other beings too.
The next video is a reminder of what happened in Lima, Peru
A fleet of UFOs sighted by several people.

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  1. I think that this pictures are stars at the day light. A rare form by see stars during the early morning or at the afternoon, probably. Nothing else. It's not ufos. I don't believe in this things. The only fisical evidency of extraterrestrial lives is the fossilized bacteria on Mars and they are not a civilization, much less intelligent.