Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why the truth is always hidden vehemently?

Governments control the information as they tried to cover the sun with a sieve.
Right now, what are they trying to hide?
More UFOs? Giant asteroids?
Government controls on information to general commotion that there are used for decades.
Nobody knows for sure what happens in basements and laboratories world governments.
State secrets, corruption, violence, controlled experiments, genetic manipulation.
Thanks to the Internet have a channel of information more democratic.
Information leak and reach the four corners of the world with unimaginable speed.
Information is power. Governments fall and others take their place, thanks to information.
There is still much stored information that may account for most of our doubts about our future and our neighbors who are aliens.
And what would happen in world markets if such information were disclosed?
Will would become a chaos?
So it would be a high price to pay. So the information is controlled.
But we are following.
Live long and prosper.

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