Sunday, May 29, 2011

Field laboratories

The Ministry of Health in China on Tuesday rejected the possibility that a new strain of AIDS virus has emerged in the south and east.

China denies existence of new strain of HIV
The HIV virus

Virus was not found in any patient with symptoms
The Ministry of Health in China on Tuesday rejected the possibility that a new strain of AIDS virus has emerged in the south and east.

The speculation emerged after several people began to report unusual symptoms after having had sex without condoms. However, tests for HIV were negative in these people, prompting fears that there might be a new strain of virus.

The case was raised by Hong Kong newspaper Oriental Daily News, which reported the existence of people with unexplained illnesses in parts of southern and eastern China - including Beijing, Shanghai and the cities of Guangzhou and the island of Taiwan - and even outside of China in Singapore.

Deng Haihua, a spokesman for the Chinese Health Ministry, told state media that these people seem to be with psychological problems, to which he referred to as "AIDS phobia", suggesting that physical symptoms are caused by an imaginary illness.


The patients reported swelling of the lymph glands, bleeding, sweating, numbness in feet and hands and even the presence of strangers hairs in the tongue.

But none had a conclusive diagnosis of the doctors.

The Health Ministry said repeated tests did not indicate the presence of HIV in any of them and ordered that the affected cities to conduct studies on the cases.

Despite official explanations, many of the symptoms of patients say they are convinced of the "AIDS phobia" and are gathering on the internet forums to discuss their health status.

A doctor interviewed by the official Chinese newspaper People's Daily said patients who meet frequently, despite the negative tests, believed to have contracted HIV.

"They do not believe when we say that they have HIV," said Cai Weiping, head of a hospital in Guangzhou. "The majority of symptoms are psychosomatic. Some relatives of patients say they were forced to go to hospital because they insisted that their spouses were ill."

The doctors interviewed by state media say the fear and anxiety caused by fear of having contracted the virus can damage the body's immune system, favoring the onset of physical symptoms.

All these conspiracy theories of government always come into evidence when we read news like this.
Does the genetic mutations of the virus only follow the dictates of nature?
Or, sometimes, they get a helping hand from scientists to speed up the process and create new forms of mutant viruses.
What makes us think about the areas in which they appeared the worst virus of humanity?
Because in specific ethnic groups?
Do we have the major laboratories involved?
Tests beyond moral barriers and let the labs, invading communities or even nations. Often the death of hundreds or thousands of innocent people can be involved in field tests.
And the explanations are more rugged. Blame it on some local animal, turning it into a host of the virus.
Will we one day have the news confirmed with documentation?
Stay alert.

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