Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fractal Broccoli golden ratio from a farm crop circle

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This do not seems like a fake picture.

What do you think about this?

Apparently not stop repeating its structure gradually more and more small, so that each particle at any level of magnification, is identical to one major and one minor.

I am almost certain that the number of spirals counterclockwise and blocks are two consecutive Fibonacci numbers, as is the case for the arrangement of sunflower seeds. The relationship between these numbers is an approximation (gradual increase) of the golden ratio φ.

The golden ratio, golden number, golden number or proportion of gold is a real algebraic irrational constant denoted by the Greek letter φ (PHI) (in tribute to the sculptor Phidias, who would have used to design the Parthenon) and the rounded the 1.618 to three decimal places. Also called golden section (Latin sectio aurea), golden ratio, divine proportion, divine section (Latin sectio divina), the proportion in extreme right, extreme division ratio or golden excellence.

Since antiquity, the golden ratio is employed in the art. Often their use in Renaissance paintings, like the master Giotto. This number is involved with the nature of growth. Phi (not to be confused with the number Pi π), as it is called the golden number, can be found in the proportion of shells (nautilus, for example), humans (the size of the phalanges, finger bones, for example) and in the hives, sunflower seeds among numerous other examples involving the order of growth, including in the universe.

This sequence also appears throughout nature, the DNA in the behavior of the refraction of light, atoms, the sound vibrations in the plant growth in spiral galaxies, ivory from elephants, the ocean waves, hurricanes, but even then, had never been seen before in a broccoli as pictured.

Just to be involved in growth, this number becomes too frequent. And just because there is this frequency, the number of gold won a status of "almost magical" being targeted by researchers, artists and writers. Despite this status, the number of gold is only what is due to the contexts in which it appears, is involved in biological growth, for example. Being found by mathematical development is what makes it fascinating.

The golden ratio also appears throughout the anatomy of the human body:

  • The height and extent of the human body from the navel to the floor.
  • The height of the skull and the extent of the jaw to the crown.
  • Measure the waist to the head and the chest size.
  • The measurement from shoulder to fingertip and measure from elbow to fingertip.
  • The size of the fingers and the extent of the center fold to the tip.
  • The measurement of the center fold to the tip of the second fold and divided to tip.

Another peculiarity is the pentagram. The pentagram is obtained by drawing the diagonals of a regular pentagon. The lower pentagon formed by the intersections of the diagonal is commensurate with the larger pentagon, where did the pentagram. The ratio measures the sides of the two pentagons is equal to the square of the golden ratio.

Freemasonry, as well as their own New World Order, also borrowed the symbolism of the Golden Ratio in his teachings, using his method for obtaining the Pentagram and the Oblong Square, existing in some Masonic Lodge.

Somehow, all these events are also connected to the approach of 21 December 2012 and what can happen.

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