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Historical events repeated


Human nature is maintained over time, or turn it perpetuates itself and repeats itself throughout history. This nature, for Machiavelli, has the Christian vision of man that is searching for Good, on the contrary, to him the nature of man is evil.
In The Prince, the author makes his point by saying that men "are ungrateful, fickle, discredited, and hidden, fleeting when there's danger, and greedy." Thus we see that the ruler should be cautious and prudent in their political actions. The politician has to take precautions and not believe in human goodness which can lead to ruin. Machiavelli did not want to say that man always acts with malice, but that men act as their own interests, and are benefited, "everyone is with you and offer you their blood," but if it does not benefit from succumbing . And who does not take precautions will be ruined.
Since human actions degenerate when you're under the influence of interests, the political must "proceed in a balanced way, with prudence and benevolence," and thus earning the trust of the governed.
Due to this instability and inconstancy of human nature comes the debate of what would be the ideal way to govern: to be loved or be feared? Love is a bond that leads to less to offend the man whom you love, but otherwise you can not say who it is feared. Love, according to Machiavelli, is a "binding obligation" and that bond is broken whenever they please. " Already, instills fear and feeds on the human heart the fear of punishment, punishment, "which is a feeling that there was never abandoned." That is, the fear imposes on a man about it, but a respect for and fear not for admiration. The prince should be feared because it relates in some way, it guarantees the political activity and prevents internal upheavals and maintains order and the power of the ruler.
Destruction of the Mayas - History of the Destruction of Maya

The Mayan civilization, when he suffered the Spanish invasion, was already in decline for several reasons discussed by historians. We will work them out now. One of problemasl leading to degradation of the Mayan cities defended here is agriculture.

With tributary mode of production, it was necessary to remove the food from the earth for sustenance and maintenance of class-state. Considering that the soil of the plain of the Yucatan was poor was necessary to apply a rotation of crops, to enable the rest of the land. The problem that we find there was the great population growth.

The demand for new land to cultivate, New Empire, caused the system crisis and war as a way to extend control of the towns over a larger territory. With the war between the city-state in ancient Mayan civilization fell into decay.

According to some other facts that there was only worsened the situation of the population beyond wars such as earthquakes and plagues, but these facts used to explain the turn around the decline shown here: the lack of land for cultivation. Thus the Spanish domination was facilitated by the decline of the Mayan cities that were already strained.

I am analyzing some historical repetitions that happen and we wonder why.
And it seems that not much changes in the days of today. When we see the world powers subjugating other peoples or nations, in order to achieve natural, often abundant in the invaded country. And use the excuse of changing governments or, "supposedly" helping in civil wars.
If we look at the world as a whole, we know that the invasions happen all the time, especially in underdeveloped countries.
To maintain power, we see that the price is always high for the invaded country.
We have wars and raids to seize oil and uranium, the two largest energy resources.
Maybe the drinking water is the target in the coming decades if it is true that world reserves are minimal.
Let's hope that scientists will be able to answer urgent needs for energy and infrastructure are resolved.

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