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Part 3 of Who said it's the end at December 21, 2012? Nostradamus

In 14 (or coincidentally 21) December 1503, Michel de Nostredame or Nostradamus (the Latin name as is commonly known) was born in Saint-Remy, Provence, France and becoming one of the greatest prophets of all time. From parents Jews, was the first of 5 children of the couple and Jaume Reynière later converted to Catholicism.

Since childhood, Nostradamus attended church with attendance and demonstrated interest in classical literature, philosophy and fundamentals of medicine. His grandparents (ancestors of Ishacar, a people consisting of sages and prophets) sent her astrological teachings, mathematicians and the occultists, besides Latin, Greek and Hebrew. To 14 years in Avignon, he came across and joined the opposition Heliocentrism theory, based on the premise that not the earth but the sun was the center of the universe.

In 1522, Nostradamus was studying medicine at the University of Montpellier. An astrologer-physician of Jewish origin, was a personality easily targeted for the inquisitors. Therefore, he completed his bachelor's degree and wandered around Europe, gaining a reputation for curing the sick with herbs from the bubonic plague that devastated the sixteenth century. Although effective, their methods were much disputed in the medical era.

He returned to university in October 1529, completed his doctorate and received the hat square of the doctors, the gold ring and the works of Hippocrates. He taught at the university for a year and came back to wander in search of the plague victims.

In 1534, Nostradamus was in Agen when he met the rich young Adriette du Loubejac. He married and had two children. But his wife and children were suddenly killed by the plague. After this, Nostradamus went to Luxembourg and secluded himself in the monastery of Orval.

In the city of Marseille, the prophet was devoted entirely to medicine when he was invited by his brother, Bertrand, go to the Salon. There he was introduced to the rich widow Anne Ponsard Gemelle, who remarried and had three sons and three daughters. At that time, wrote and sold a periodic report on the weather forecast that was great success among local farmers in addition to the cookbooks of cosmetics, perfumes and food preservation.

The prophecies of Nostradamus were made in a deep trance state.
Also used astrological calculations to define the most appropriate date and time. On Good Friday, 1554, began his most famous work, The Centuries.

The Centuries of Nostradamus:

The Centuries are the prophecies compiled in 10 books, each of which has 100 blocks (rhymes in four lines, which total 1000 forecast).
Do not follow chronological consistency, and were written by combining Old French, Greek, Latin and a dialect of southern France called Languedoc.
Moreover, there are anagrams, astrological and mythological references in subjective language that makes it difficult to understand. Some scholars argue that this was a tool used to evade the Inquisition.

The first part of the Centuries, was published in May 1555 the house Mace Bonhomme, Lyon.
The foreword by Nostradamus dedicated the book to Caesar, his newborn son. The second part was published only in 1557.
The work would be completed in four years.

The block 35 of Centuria I, cites four years before the death of King Henry II in a duel.
Thus, Queen Catherine de Medici summoned to the horoscope of the nobles. Through clairvoyance, the prophet has solved a case of theft from the Cathedral in Orange. Thus, Nostradamus gained notoriety for its ability to predict the future and became known as The Wizard of Salon.

In its entirety, the Centuries brings widespread predictions of significant events from 1557 to mankind, such as world wars, the French revolution, the Kennedy assassination and the rise of Napoleon and Hitler.
The end of the world is in the year 7000, when the sun would destroy the earth and resume its supreme status in the universe.
However, there is a doubt whether the forecast was based on Jewish or Christian calendar.
The prophet also foresaw the slander that he himself would suffer over the centuries, and the marketing of his image and work.

In 1994 found one of his books, which would have been lost for 400 years, and would be in the Vatican archives, since it was offered as a gift by the son of Nostradamus to Pope Urban VII.
The book, titled "Nostradamus Vatinicia Code" beyond traditional centuries, features 80 illustrations that can be the key to the interpretation of many of their predictions for the end of the world.

In these illustrations, one set in particular stands out. Seven images that have a common element runs as an allegory often used to represent the weather, and designs of zodiac signs, moon, stars and other symbols, mostly related to Alchemy and which experts describe a great alignment between our sun and the center of Milky Way, where there would be a huge black hole.

Remember that at the time of Nostradamus, Alchemy and Astrology own mingled with sciences like physics and astronomy and were also considered scientific practices and as such, closely monitored and even controlled by the powerful Catholic Church.

This has made many works were published in scientific imagery in an attempt to avoid direct confrontation and the risk of life that he meant at that time.

One of the most controversial figures contained in the Lost Book of Nostradamus, there is the number "70".
It may be noted the "Wheel of Time" or "Wheel of Life"

The illustration of the "Wheel of Life" refers to the alignment of the two virtual crosses that exist in our galaxy.
Each positioned at different angles, indicating the equator and the points and the points of the solstice.
Once the two are perfectly aligned, they form a drawing as the "Wheel of Life," and this will occur in Dezember 21, 2012.

The three crescents symbolize three consecutive eclipses and the moon a big major lunar eclipse.
In our time, this period is between 1992 and closed in 2012.

Finally, according to studies of astronomers and scientists, the sun's alignment with the center of the galaxy, as quoted in premonitions of Nostradamus, will occur on the fateful date of Dezember 21, 2012.

According to scholars premonitions of Nostradamus, this will be the date of Revelation in our world.


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  1. I think the life and story of Nostradamus is fascinating, however, I think his prophecies get way over analyzed!