Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where's Osama?

What happens behind the scenes of today's wars?

Why are we being misled with disparate information?

Where is the body of Osama?

What prompts leaders to lie about this situation?

What have been the actual occurrence in the home of Osama?

Is that instead of the army, who was in the house was a group of cinema?
Set the stage for the movie: Where's Osama?

There are no bodies, no witnesses, no evidence.

What we have here? The perfect crime? The perfect revenge?

Or just one trading entity with the Witnesses Protection?

Does Osama is a part number in a chessboard?
Is his actual death, it would take to send incriminating documents to newspapers around the world? Links would be unscrupulous with high-ranking of several countries that supported in the past?
Included therein, their present, and mortal enemies?
We will launch a campaign?
"Where's Osama?"
I think this story is not over yet. And you?

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