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Sequence of the Mayan prophecies - the seventh

Seventh Prophecy

The seventh prophecy tells us of the time the solar system, in its cyclical turning, leaving the night to enter the dawn of the galaxy. She tells us that in 13 years ranging from 1999 to 2012, the light emitted from the center of the galaxy synchronizes all living beings and allows them to agree voluntarily, with an internal transformation, producing new realities and that all human beings have opportunity to change and break through the limitations of thought.

Humans who voluntarily meet their state of inner peace, bringing your life energy, bringing its frequency of vibration inside from fear to love can capture and express themselves through thought and it will flourish with the new direction.

The additional energy of the beam emitted by Runacku (center of the galaxy) activates the genetic code of divine origin in humans who are at high vibration frequency, this effect will increase the awareness of all human beings are creating a new reality individual, collective and universal .

One of the greatest transformations occur on a planetary level, that all men connected together as a single whole, will give birth to a new being in the galactic order. The reintegration of the individual consciences of millions of human beings will awaken a new awareness, in which everyone will understand that part of one giant organism.

The ability to read the thought I go totally revolutionize the human civilization, all boundaries disappear, ended the lie forever because nobody can hide anything, will begin an era of transparency and light that can not be hidden by any violence or negative emotion.

Disappear laws and external controls as the police and the army because it will be each responsible for their actions, do not need to implement any law or duty by force.

One world government will be formed and harmonious with the wisest and most evolved beings on the planet, there are no borders nor nationalities, end the restrictions imposed by private property and do not need money as a means of exchange, will be implemented technologies for the control of light and energy and they become a matter of simply producing all that is required by putting a halt to poverty forever. The excellence and spiritual development will be the result of being in harmony to reduce the activity with that vibrate higher, in doing so they will expand their understanding of universal order.

With communication through thought there will be a supra-immune it will eliminate the low vibration of fear produced by the disease, prolonging life of each human, the new era will not need to reverse the learning produced by disease and suffering that characterized the last several thousand years of history .

The human being who knowingly and find inner peace entered a new era of harmonious procontraste learning, communication and reintegration will cause the individual experiences and memories and knowledge acquired are available without selfishness to all others, be like an internet mental level which will multiply exponentially the speed of discovery and will create synergies never before imagined, the trials and end the moral values ​​that change over time, like fashion, we understand that all actions in life are a way to achieve a greater understanding and harmony.

Respect is the key element of culture, transform the individual and the community and give humanity the opportunity to expand into the galaxy.

The artistic, aesthetic occupations and recreation community will occupy the mind of man.

Thousands of years based on the separation of men who worship a god who judges and punishes will be transformed forever. Your man will live the galactic spring, the flowering of a new reality based on reintegration with the planet and all human beings.

Right now we realize that we are part of a single giant organism and we will connect with the land, with each other and with our sun and the entire galaxy. All human beings will understand that the kingdoms of mineral, vegetable and animal matter scattered throughout the universe at all scales, from an atom to a galaxy are living with an evolving consciousness.

From Saturday, December 22, 2012, all relationships will be based on tolerance and flexibility, because the man will feel other beings as part of themselves.

Source: The Ancient Maya Codices

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Sequence of the Mayan prophecies - the sixth

Sixth Prophecy

The sixth Mayan prophecy says that in the coming years will see a comet whose trajectory will endanger the very existence of human beings.

The Maya saw comets as agents of change by coming in to balance the existing movement to become certain structures enabling the development of collective consciousness. All things have a place allocated to them, all circumstances, even the most adverse conditions, are perfect for generating understanding about life, to develop awareness about the creation. So human beings are constantly faced with unexpected situations that cause suffering to him, is a way of getting him to reflect on their relationship with the world and with others. So many experiences over many lifetimes it will understand the natural laws of reason and creation.

For the Maya, is the presence of God in all life forms and their presence is infinite.

Comet - Ajenjo as it was called - that speaks the prophecy was also announced by various religions and cultures, for example, the Bible, the Book of Revelations which is called "Wormwood," if the comet appears it is possible that its trajectory the light to collide with Earth, or that by physical or psychic able to divert its course.

Comets have always been part of the solar system, thousands of waste cross, intersect, come and go regularly and even collide with the planets move in their orbits always peaceful scheduled around the sun.

The scientific community agrees that the 65 million years ago in the Cretaceous Tertiary, a comet fell at Chicxulub in the Yucatan peninsula, in the Atlantic. Causing the extinction of the dinosaurs. Its crater 180 km in diameter have high concentrations of iridium - an element rare on Earth, but very common in asteroids.

Linked to the emergence of the asteroids as the difficult times that coincided with the eruption of Vesuvius that destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum in AD 79 or the fall of King Harold by William the Conqueror in England and 1066 that was recorded in the Carpet of Beyeux; caused panics collective with Halley in 1910, then assumed that the tail was poisonous gas (cyanide) and were sold thousands of pills for people to protect him. Were also causes of suicides with those of 39 members of the "Gate of Heaven" in 1997, who believed that the Hali-Bopp comet huge, with 40km in diameter was coming to get them.

Comets have always generated controversy, but never so much as in 1456 when Halley's Comet reappeared that was regarded as an agent of the devil and should be expelled from heaven, being excommunicated by Pope Calypso III.

It was Isaac Newton discovered that gravity keeps the planets revolving in orbits around the sun set and Edmond Halley, his contemporary, used these calculations to determine the orbits of comets, announcing that every 76 years Halley's comet would return. For this reason he takes his name.

Comets also cause regional disasters such as Siberia, the river Tungeska in asteroid about 50 meters in diameter exploded in the air in 1908, instantly destroying 2km of a fully dense woods.

Some came close enough to the earth as the comments Iras-phony-aukoque, approached the 6 million km from Earth and could have caused greater damage than if it exploded, simultaneously, all existing atomic bombs.

The Mayans always studied and recorded the events of the sky, its warning is to prevent human beings from the danger of not knowing the orbits and periods of large waste that intersect with the path of the earth. They knew that for modern man, find out in advance in such large asteroids that could cause its extinction and then divert it would be one of the greatest achievements of human history and the fact crucial that we unite as a species.

Previously the celestial sphere was the domain of the gods, with the sudden appearance of an unknown object which dominated the night was a source of fear and mysticism, why the Maya built observatories dedicated to studying the phenomena, they wanted to understand their unpredictable movements especially in the sky after having established the positions of planets and stars.

The real danger would force us to build a level of worldwide cooperation, establish a system of command and control over countries and a global communication infrastructure, would be the only way in which countries would give up their sovereignty to a country like the nations together, creating a world government for the common good.

It would be a way to learn to transcend the separation that is the basis of our society.

Source: The Ancient Maya Codices

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Sequence of the Mayan prophecies - the fifth

Fifth Prophecy

The Mayan time is circular steps forward and backward simultaneously, never ends. It is formed by circles that have always existed, that continue to exist forever. It is the breath of Hunab-Ku, the breath of God. We also have these cycles internally to allow the transformation of our mind and the evolution of our civilization in the sense of harmony. At this point we look at some systems that will transform to move from fear to love. And the way that we develop in this transition.

The 1st Prophecy shows the universe as a process of eternal cycles with different scales. In galactic level cycles of 26,000 years. On a personal level, with lifetimes of 70 years, who are experienced in these larger circles inscribed. The 1st prophecy announcing the end of this cycle. From 1999 to 2012, each man will be in the Hall of Mirrors "to find their inner selves to its multidimensional nature, her light body.

The fifth prophecy says that all systems based in fear under which our civilization is founded will become simultaneously with the planet and the human being, giving rise to a new reality in harmony.

The human is convinced that the universe exists only for him, that humanity is only an expression of intelligent life and so act as predator of all that exists.

The systems that fail to humans face up to yourself to see the need to reorganize the company and continue the path of evolution that will lead to better understanding the Creation.

Almost all economies in the world then having problems, financial speculation and the government rescue money to banks that are on the verge of bankruptcy, make it more difficult this whole process.

Then there are high-risk situations in the economic system and control system information and if we add the increase in atcividade the sun that can cause irreparable damage to satellites, the situation is complicated.

With solar flares, we received an unusual dose of ultraviolet rays which expands the upper atmosphere by reducing the pressure that exists on the satellites are at low altitudes. This will cause it to decrease its orbit to another much more quickly and thus lose the contact time with them - at best - and will stop all communication satellite on the planet, can also happen that the 19,000 objects in orbit passing land to receive the high dose of electromagnetism have sun damaged and electronic components to stop working forever.

In allocating to the ionosphere, the issue of sunlight, to produce changes in all radio communications and television, why is this layer that is transmitted and reflected the different frequencies.

Therefore, economy and communication systems are fragile and interconnected with all others. The grid is particularly sensitive to solar flares, as occurred during the entire 9 am Kebeque in 1989.

The electricity system is the backbone of our contemporary societies, if one fails, will fail one after another like dominoes knocking consecutively all systems. They say that a system is only as strong as the weakest of its components or links.

Imagine how our society would react to all these events simultaneously. The food would be scarce, communications would be impossible, the traffic would go crazy in all cities, the economy would be paralyzed, but most of us would lose its mind and would start a civil unrest that the number of people involved would exceed expectations and civil control government and military. This state of total disarray forever alter all systems of the Company.

The religious systems based on a God who instills fear also kick in crisis. Would emerge a single spiritual path common to all mankind that will end with all the boundaries between the different ways of seeing God.

The new galactic day is announced by all religions and cults as a season of light, peace and harmony for all mankind. It is clear then that everything that does not produce this result should disappear or transform themselves. The new age of enlightenment can not take a humanity-based economy and military power and imposition by force of truth.

Source: The Ancient Maya Codices

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Sequence of the Mayan prophecies - the fourth

Fourth Prophecy

The fourth prophecy says that global warming caused by anti-ecological behavior of human beings and by an increased activity of the sun, cause the melting of polar ice sheets. If the sun to increase their activity levels above normal will be a major production of solar winds, the most massive eruptions from the sun's corona, an increase in irradiation and an increase in temperature of the planet.

The Maya were based on the spin of the planet Venus 584 days to make its solar calculations. Venus is a planet easily seen in the sky because its orbit is between Earth and sun.

They left recorded in his "Codex drede" that every 117 spins of Venus, marked every time the planet appears in the same spot in the sky, the sun suffers great changes and great spot or rash appears the solar wind, warned that each kines 1,872,000, or 5,125 years, are produced even greater changes and that this occurs when the human being must be aware, is the harbinger of destruction and change.

In the "Codex drede" also include the number 1,366,560 kines which has a difference of a katun (20 years) and a number that appears in the Temple of the Cross.

In the Temple of the Cross in Palenque, is carved the number 1,359,540 kines, the difference he has noted in the "Codex drede" is 20 years or a katun is a period of time that they called "Time of the non- time "and that is what we are living since 1992. The changes in activity of the sun will be higher since the protections that we have across the globe are getting weaker.

The electromagnetic shield that protects us and we (the layer of ozone) is decreasing in its intensity. The production of ozone in the ionosphere that prevented the arrival of ultraviolet rays fell to earth and some huge holes have appeared over the poles allowing the arrival of the sun's rays on the surface of the planet.

The activity of human beings are altering the composition of the atmosphere. The so-called "greenhouse effect" that prevents the output of heat and temperature increases. All phenomena occur simultaneously to produce changes in climate and an increase in temperature and sea ice melt faster in the polar caps. This will cause sea levels rise producing floods on coastal land, morphological modification of the continents where we live.

The Mayans predicted that this would be how the planet's wipe and have many green areas by all parties, the temperature increase has already begun, scientific reports from various sources confirm studies OAS University of Colorado concluded that glaciers and snowy peaks around the world are shrinking their volume significantly as a result of the overall increase in global temperatures.

The biggest snowy peak in Africa, Mount Kenya has lost 92% of its mass, the snowy peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro were reduced by 73% in Spain in 1980 there were 27 peaks, this number was reduced to 13. In the European Alps and the Caucasus in Russia declined by 50%. In New Zealand and the mountains between Russia and China were down 26%, preliminary calculations of the studies say that if changes continue at that pace in 50 years there will be peaks anywhere in the world.

In Antarctica the situation is even worse, the peak is melting from the center and not from the edges. It is known that when a frozen lake begins to melt it always does from its center. The temperature in Antarctica has increased 2.5 ° C over the past 25 years and is showing vegetation in places where before there was nothing more than ice.

Over 50% of world population lives near the sea, so millions of people will be affected and displaced from their homes. 1998 set records for high temperatures, which were among the highest in the last 600 years. However an increase in temperature as this has been happening does not change quickly water levels around the planet, a process that will take several years. The only thing that could change them would be a sudden change in position of the crust on your core. That has happened several times on the planet to change the position of the poles. We know that many things we do not want to happen and causing great tragedies, eventually going on.

We must focus on producing positive results of our actions and at the same time grow with the difficulties we encounter. We must take life and make decisions consciously, we must open our eyes to the possibilities that can bring us and the world in which all blame others for what happens.

All the prophecies seek a change in the human mind, because the universe is generating all these processes so that humanity can expand through the galaxy including its fundamental integrity with everything that exists.

Source: The Ancient Maya Codices

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Sequence of the Mayan prophecies - the third

Third Prophecy

The third prophecy says that a heat wave increases the temperature of the earth causing climate changes, geological and social magnitude unprecedented and astonishing speed.

The Mayans said that the warming will occur by several factors. Some of the human being for his lack of sync with nature can only produce processes of self-destruction. Other factors are generated by the sun, which to accelerate its business by increasing its vibration, producing more radiation warming the planet.

Each one of us, one way or another, helped deforest the planet or contaminate it. With our cars, with our excessive consumption leads to more exploration to the planet's natural resources and producing waste of all kinds. Thus contributed to the climate turns against us. The changes are already happening, but as they are happening too slowly to adapt to them and not realize it.

The overall process of industrialization that took place in the twentieth century dramatically changed the atmosphere with emissions of toxic gases. The so-called acid rain, a byproduct of burning coal or petroleum products and emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulfides of industries takes place in the world and is concentrated in urban areas, corrode the monuments and bridges, destroying the exterior paint, the woods, give cause to marine life and cultivated soils, turns toxic in drinking water and reduces visibility. The chimneys of factories polluting millions indifferent to the harm they cause, changed the rainy seasons, the seasons and weather.

All this resulted in the emergence of the 'Greenhouse Effect' and the "Global Warming" because the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere that is floating dioxides chemically reacts with increasing temperature. The air is filled with particles of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and methane, a product resulting from the combustion of gasoline in the engine of millions of cars and thousands of thermal and electricity generation worldwide.

The degradation of forests and farmland to forests or to enlarge the cities became a common practice. The forests that purify the air by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, are burned. The human being is not conscious of the evil that is causing the planet, nor does it take to restore the plant vegetation that consumes. The planet has become a big garbage dump. We send containers of radioactive waste to the seabed, with whole ships carry non-degradable substances, not to mention the oil spills caused by oil spillage of large tankers whose accidents occur regularly.

Climate variations, a consequence of damaging human relationships and behavior changes of the sun, producing a change in rainfall, reducing their intensity, quantity and regularity. The increase in temperature will produce strong winds, hurricanes and typhoons.

Hurricanes are huge storms and violent whirlwind of destruction and death. HURRICANE are called to honor the god of evil of the aborigines in the Caribbean. Hurricane Mithi and phenomena associated with El Niño are evidence of the tendency for major disasters caused by climate.

The water system is critical because about 70% of the planet's surface is covered by water. With increasing temperature, decreases the relative humidity which will consequently fewer clouds and greater exposure to the sun, thereby exacerbating the problem, so will evaporate water from the soil, producing many large fires and droughts across the planet, miss water will produce significant inconvenience to the vegetation, reducing their growth and significantly reducing the size of crops. By reducing the amount of rainwater will also decrease the flow from the ponds and lakes, creating serious problems for the fauna of the earth.

All this will cause a strong impact on the economy, there will be shortages and many products that depend on the weather as water, foliage, cereals, fish and power generation will increase dizzying price, rationing will be times of great social unrest and there will increase the number of pests, insects and tropical diseases like malaria.

The human behavior is crucial to support the general increase in temperature caused by its own conduct and depredatory unconscious.

The Mayans knew of global warming and consequent disasters that happen - forcing humans to tune with the Creator, with himself and with nature or have to face the chaos, destruction and death that would follow.

The Mayan culture was an eminent astronomer. Designed the human being as a projection of energy. They left us their schedules more accurate studies of all the civilizations of Earth, which are the basis of their prophecies.

Source: The Ancient Maya Codices

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Sequence of the Mayan prophecies - the second

Second Prophecy

The second Mayan prophecy announced that the behavior of all humanity would change quickly, from the eclipse of the sun on August 11, 1999. That day, we saw a ring of fire is silhouetted against the sky. An eclipse was unprecedented in history, the alignment of cosmic cross, with the center on Earth, nearly all the planets of the solar system. They were positioned in the four signs of the zodiac, the signs are that the four evangelists. The four guardians of the throne who play the Apocalypse according to St. John Moreover, the Moon's shadow cast on Earth, through Europe, passing through Kosovo, then the Middle East, Iran, Iraq, and later went Pakistan and India. With its shadow it seemed to provide an area of ​​wars and conflicts.

The Mayans claimed that from this eclipse, the man easily lose control of his emotions, or reach your inner peace and tolerance while avoiding conflicts. Thus, we live an era of change, which is the ante-room of a New Era The night is darkest before the dawn. The end of time is a time of great learning and conflict, war, separation and collective madness, which in turn generates, processes of destruction and suffering for the selective evolution.

The second prophecy indicates that the energy that we receive from the galactic center will increase and accelerate the vibration in the entire universe to lead you to greater perfection. This will produce physical changes in the sun, Earth, and psychological changes in humans by altering their behavior and their way of thinking and feeling. Will be transformed relationships and forms of communication, economic systems, social order and justice. Will be changed religious beliefs and values ​​that we accept today. The human will to confront their fears and anxieties, to solve them, and thus can synchronize with the rhythms of the planet and the universe. The humanity will realize its downside and the consequences of their actions. This is the first step towards unification and transformation that leads to the necessity of staying in the well and inner peace.

Are incremented events that separate us, but those that unite us. The emotional instability, fear, aggression, hatred, families in dissolution, the fighting for ideology, religion, nationalism or models of morality. Simultaneously, more people will find peace, and learn to control their emotions. There will be more respect, more tolerance and understanding, more compassion, love and feelings of unity. There will be men with the highest level of evolution. People with sensitivity and intuitive powers to salvation. But also appear frauds (false Christs and false prophets), who will claim only a profit at the expense of economic despair of others.

The Mayans predicted that in 1999 was the start time of no time. A stage of rapid change needed to renew the geological processes, social and human. At the end of the cycle, each to be your own judge. When humans enter the Great Hall of Mirrors to examine its trajectory, it is classified by the qualities that has managed to develop over the course of eternity, their behavior with himself and his fellows, with the planet, with the All. "To each according to his actions."

There will be many difficult moments but keep the serenity and harmony in an understanding of what will succeed, while others reveal fear and frustration, blaming God for what will happen, because death and suffering reign. But all this also result in greater solidarity and respect for the other, unity with the planet and the cosmos. This means that the 'sky' and 'hell' are manifesting themselves simultaneously, and that every human being will accept or reject it according to their beliefs. Some other more wisdom will reveal more ignorance. At the time of changing times all options are available and virtually no censorship of any kind, moral values ​​are looser than ever, so that each one is as manifest freely.

The second prophecy states that if the majority of mankind it transcends its limitations, tuning in with the new energies, many drastic changes that are described in the following predictions can be reversed. Human beings always decided his own fate by their free will. The prophecies are just warnings that we are aware of the need to change the course of our wrong choices that avoid becoming reality.

Source: The Ancient Maya Codices

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Sequence of the Mayan prophecies - the first

1st Prophecy

The first prophecy says that our world of hate, materialism, and fear, will end on Saturday, December 22 of year 2012. On this day, humanity will choose to disappear as thinking species that threatens to destroy the planet or to develop harmonious integration with the entire universe, understanding that we are part of this whole, and that we can exist in a New Era of light.

The first prophecy says that from 1999 we would have only 13 years to make changes in consciousness and attitude necessary to deviate from our path of destruction, and move to a new reality where life is integrated with all that exists.

The Maya knew that our Sun is a living creature that breathes and from time to time sync with the huge body of which is part when receiving a beam from the center of the galaxy. This beam of light at resonance with the Sun, on its surface produces what scientists call the solar flares and magnetic fields. The Mayans predicted that this happens in cycles of 5,125 years and that the Earth would be affected by changes in the sun by a shift of its axis of rotation and expected from this movement will lead to dramatic cataclysms.

To the Maya, the universal processes, like the 'breathing' of the galaxy, are cyclical and never ending. What changes is the consciousness of man that passes through them always in a process of improvement. Mankind must be prepared to cross this 'portal' provided by the Mayan Civilization actul that will transform into a civilization with a higher vibratory frequency. Only on an individual can walk through the door that avoids the great cataclysm that will suffer the planet, to start a New Age and a "sixth cycle" of the Sun

The Mayan assured that their civilization was the fifth sunlit. The fifth great solar cycle. Before, were known to have existed on the earth four other civilizations that were destroyed by natural disasters. They believed that each civilization is only part of the collective consciousness.

To the Maya, the last cataclysm, civilization was destroyed by a great flood (the flood that the Bible speaks), leaving few survivors who would be his descendants. They thought that, knowing the end of these cycles, many humans prepare themselves for what was coming, and that, thanks to this, had to get on the planet to keep thinking species: man. We are told that the temporal changes will allow us to ascend to a new stage consciousness, directing us to a new civilization that will manifest more harmonious, more living according to their true condition.

The first prophecy tells us the "time-of-no-time." A period of 20 years, which they called Katum - the last twenty years of this great solar cycle of 5125 years. From 1992 to 2012, prophesied the Maya, that during this time spots and solar flares, more intense, appear in the sun. Since 1992 that mankind would enter into a final period of great learning, of great change. That our own conduct of the planet's degradation and contamination contribute to these changes happen. The first prophecy said that these changes will happen for us to understand the mechanics of the universe, and move towards higher levels, leaving behind the materialism, the pain and suffering.

The Mayan sacred book - Chilam Balam - says that at the end of the last Katun, cities will be destroyed and there will be a period of darkness, but soon the harvest will come in the future - the men of the sun, the earth will awake to the north and west . They said the words of his priests would be heard by all, as a guide to enlightenment. They speak of this season, as the time when mankind will enter the Great Hall of Mirrors. A time of change, to confront the man himself, and review and analyze their behavior with you and the whole. A time for all mankind, by conscious decision, change and eliminate fear and lack of respect in all relationships.

Source: The Ancient Maya Codices

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