Friday, April 22, 2011

Let's go celebrate the earth day.

Today and everyday!

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When we think of the end of the world and tell us that the worst is not over yet
I wonder:
What else can happen in the world? More wars, plagues, famines, etc..
When we find that it has reached the limit of what is considered evil and catastrophe, it seems that is a new and more perverse situation that affects people or entire cities.
What happens?
What kind of force or energy seems to lead the minds of people to commit such atrocities?
How can we protect ourselves?
Our thoughts together, can affect reality for better or worse?
The planet Earth is constantly changing. Far below the surface, away from the greenhouse effect and other ideas discussed, we have plate tectonics.
These plates were always in motion and will continue for much longer.
That alone leaves the planet, with its volcanoes and earthquakes, shaping the surface.
Regardless of which race is living in the moment, we will always have these natural events.

Anyone have any idea, can send us.

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Why the earth is seek and bleading?

Listen to the nature crying

Lahkota Medicine Man, talks about his visions of the end of the world. Man has lived on this earth for thousands of years, but in the last 100 years, man has been a parasite that takes and takes without giving back and finally the host, Mother Earth, fights back killing many. But those that survive become holistic and learn to live in balance and harmony with each other and Mother Earth and give back what they take.

Soldiers are being trained to kill and not disaster recovery search and rescue. Our armies are in other countries and should be at home.

Floyd Looks For Buffalo Hand, Medicine Man, Treaty Delegate, Author

Russell Means Indian Activist Actor Author

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