Sunday, May 1, 2011

Electromagnetic radiation and its relationship to disease.

Another issue that has left us puzzled about is the increase of electromagnetic waves produced by our technological creations. We are so preoccupied with foreign affairs to the planet, that we forget that because of our own progress, we are being exposed to amounts of radiation and electromagnetic fields unprecedented just over a century.
Rapid technological developments in which we live and wonder what it causes, makes us forget this detail. Today we are bombarded 24 hours a day, with an unimaginable amount of any type of electromagnetic wave emitted from all sides. Are cellular antennas, antennas television stations, radio communications, radars, power transmission lines, among others.
All this, in real time, continuously and relentlessly. Even asleep, we are receiving such radiation doses.
So we have a massive load of electromagnetic waves that scientists are still researching its effects on the human body.
But coincidence or not, a few years back, we are seeing an increase in various types of disease that may be caused by these radiations.
Even the computers we use in everyday life are being investigated on such issues.
The aging of our cells or their uncontrolled growth, being caused by these radiations on us all the time.
It seems a paradox in our technological evolution to gain more time and quality of life, leads us faster towards the cemetery.
Think about it when using the phone for too long.

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Footage of Japan's Tsunami from an elevation

Let's go thinking a little bit more about the increasing of Tsunamis and others natural catastrophes.
Do you think a coincidence that this increase fits perfectly with the approach of December 21, 2012?
Or have a somewhat more deeper explanation.

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