Tuesday, May 3, 2011

War, Peace and Hope

What kind of force or energy is leading the minds of world leaders?
Where the desire for vengeance, which seems to never end, will take us?
What will the chaos that installs with the onslaught of two major and deadly enemies that exist in the world?

As the United States will now live with the desire for revenge of radical Muslims?
By repeatedly witness people who lack mental and spiritual development, being led by fanatical ideas.
Are cults and religions that are misinterpreted by some who can also inspire ideas in the minds of other weak-minded people. Thus creating a horde of fanatics with no sense. This happens regardless of religion. For just a sick mind to undermine even the most simple teachings.
I hope that at the beginning of the Aquarian can receive more beneficial influences.
While everyone thinks that only his doctrine or religion is correct and the only one selected to go to the "kingdom of heaven" and keep trying to spew their ideas "sole and exclusive", wanting to force others to think your way. There always have problems.
Religion should be a meeting, not an imposition or a conviction. Religion should be an encounter with God or the divinity that is. For the choice should be for each. The options are out there. The path must be chosen by each.
And while killing in the name of Allah or God dwell in this age of barbarism.
Stay with my sincere hopes for a change for the better.

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Government are keeping secrets about the approaching of a planet against the earth?

Nibiru, planet X could be possible to exists?
Take your own conclusion

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Part 1 of Who said it's the end at December 21, 2012? The I Ching

The very ancient I Ching is a Chinese book about world views and philosophies of life.
It is normally used for carrying out predictions of the future of the person consulting, serving as a kind of Tarot.

Studies were conducted on the I Ching by the writer and philosopher Terence McKenna, using software he developed called "Time Wave Zero. "
These studies were transformed from the I Ching symbols in binary codes and equations, and data fed into software "Time Wave Zero. "

The result was that on the timeline, the I Ching has behaved as a sort of sine wave, with peaks up and down.
The study of these peaks, it was found that the dates that occurred in the positive peaks, were the dates on which occurred the great disaster of the planet earth, as the eruption of Mount Etna, the war led by Napoleon and his defeat, the 1st and 2nd world wars, among others.

Mysteriously the temporal cycle of the I Ching ends on December 21, 2012.

Example Screen Software "Time Wave Zero" created by Terence Mckenna

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