Wednesday, May 4, 2011

HAARP, tectonic weapon... New World Order #NWO

It's possible that the doomsday of December 21, 2012 will be some kind of programed event?
What do you think?

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Part 2 of Who said it's the end at December 21, 2012? The Celts

Today no one talks about something else more than the prophecies of the end of the world or new world order in 2012.

The prophecies are the most famous of the ancient Maya of Central America, but they were not the only ones who supposedly predicted disaster for the century. In a History Channel documentary portrays these prophecies about the perspective of other people, among them Celts, represented by Merlin the Magician.

The magician Merlin became known to the stories of King Arthur. But this was a fictional wizard Merlin, the real Merlin was more mysterious and his prophecies referred to the "doomsday". There were ancient oracles, now almost forgotten, these were the oracles awenyddion, maybe it was a Merlin awenydd.

His prophecies include global warming, terrorist attacks and disasters worldwide. There are two medieval texts that speak of Merlin, very popular at that time. The legends of Merlin was born in England, and his prophecies were published in 1135 to texts dating from the fifth century The name Merlin is the English form of a Welsh name Myrddin, Merlin the wild, because inhabited forests.

You probably have been several other "Merlins" because this was not a proper name but a title of the prophets who lived in the forests, descendants of the ancient tradition of the Druids. Merlin's prophecies spoke of events that actually would happen in the future.

A thousand years before the discovery of America he predicted the first American colony with the name: Virginia "Virginians on virgin soil." Also predicted the victory of British over the French at Waterloo of Napoleon and the Holocaust caused by Hitler against the Jews.

Prophecies for XXI century and are the most imprecionates "a man who would be on the English coast, holding a small stone in his hand, would communicate with the other guy who was just across the French coast with the same stone in hand ". This rock speaker, resembles, in my view, a cellular phone, very common nowadays.

Following the prophecies become more bleak: "On the River Severn the fish will die of heat. And multiple tails born unto them." We should emphasize that the banks of the River Severn, England, are nuclear power plants, this prophecy could announce a nuclear disaster in Britain? Now the prophecies take a more global aspect: "The seas will rise in the blink of an eye, the winds will come together in deadly violence."

About the supposed World War III says: "The world will be a lawn. And on the lawn will play three girls (three countries). But under the earth I saw fire. And when these girls throw a stone, all three girls will be achieved. About the lawn will be fire and flame will be written about each name.

But the name was written to be forgotten. "Merlin ends with the supposed apocalypse. The planets will change their route and will millennial haywire in the sky, the earth will change course and the Earth's poles will shift. If it will end the world in 2012, not for me to answer, but need not be a prophet or a scientist to see what happens in the world today.

Global warming is a reality, along with pollution, war, etc.. What can we do to change this reality? I think if everyone did their part, environmentalists or not as a health nut, but as real human beings, but the world can change for the better!


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